There is a massive chasm between investigation of deaths involving an HGV when on the public roads and investigation of such deaths on a construction site.

The justice system is inadequate, in many cases failing to identify contributory factors which could be tackled to prevent similar future deaths. Every other transport sector - rail, marine, and air - has a specific body to regulate and thoroughly investigate  the circumstances where there has been a fatality, not to apportion blame but to learn lessons for future prevention. This needs to be the case for HGV crashes on our roads.

We have worked with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, in improving post-crash response and investigation.

  • We have submitted an extensive written response to the MPS consultation on the Road Death Investigation Manual.
  • We have contributed to guidance for coroners on how they might apply their powers to produce Prevention of Future Deaths (PFD) reports.
  • We sit on a collaborative ‘Action on Lorry Danger’ group with national campaigners from active travel groups; CyclingUK, LCC, British Cycling, Sustrans, RoadPeace, Living Streets and solicitors Leigh Day, working jointly to improve justice.

Although influencing the justice system and bringing about change is very difficult and takes tenacity, time, effort and know how, See Me Save Me continues to look for opportunities to speak out against injustice.