Our Work

Reducing HGV Risk

See Me Save Me works to improve safety for all vulnerable road users by challenging, engaging and working with industry, policymakers and the justice system to push for faster adoption of measures to reduce HGV danger, focusing on best available vehicles, best available drivers and best available operations.

Vehicles:  Tipper lorries, skip lorries and cement mixers have massive blind areas all around the vehicle. These can be eliminated with improvements to cab design to create wider direct vision, and the retrofitting of cameras and sensor systems on traditional designed vehicles.

Drivers:  Some say the most important piece of safety equipment in a truck is its driver. We campaign for wider adoption of best available (on bike) training for drivers to ensure they are aware of and understand the potential positioning and behaviour of vulnerable people on the road ensuring they are fully competent and confident to do a very difficult job.

Operations:  Drivers are often under stress and pressure to deliver their load as quickly as possible. We campaign for responsible operations including fair pay for drivers and elimination of pay per load which incentives short cuts on checks and maintenance and driving as quickly as possible thereby increasing risk of errors and collisions.


Work to date

  • We have worked with industry to develop a new standard (CLOCS) for managing work related road risk (WRRR) [Link Ind]
  • We have worked with local, national and European governments to improve policy and legislation for HGVs [Link Policy]
  • We have campaigned to improve police investigation, industry collision analysis, prosecution process and inquest procedures so lessons can be learned and future similar deaths prevented [Link Justice]

Much has changed since the campaign began in 2010, but there is still a long way to go to ensure that all British roads are safe for everyone [Future Work]