See Me Save Me

Ghost_Bike_Comps_003_cropped.jpgAcross the UK and further afield, too many people are killed or seriously injured every year in collisions with heavy goods vehicles - and most, if not all, of those collisions could be prevented.

See Me Save Me works to eradicate collisions between heavy goods vehicles and more vulnerable road users.

See Me Save Me was founded by Kate Cairns following the death of her sister. On 5 February 2009 30 year old Eilidh Cairns, an experienced cyclist, was struck and then crushed by a fully laden tipper lorry while cycling to work in Notting Hill Gate, London. She died two hours later. Eilidh was hit from behind. The driver said he did not see her. Eilidh's Ghost Bike serves as a memorial and a prompt to drivers to watch out for cyclists. 

We want a society where everyone is able to use our streets, whatever their chosen mode of transport, without risk or fear of death or injury through a collision with an HGV.

See Me Save Me works with the construction, transport and logistics sector to persuade HGV operators of the business case for eliminating blind spots on vehicles, supporting HGV drivers to work safely at all times. In addition See Me Save Me works to embed safety improvements in working practices. This is essential to opening the blind eye of industry, challenging complacency, poor practice and a lack of duty of care towards other road users and HGV drivers.