See Me Save Me: Safer Streets for All


The Problem

Across the UK and further afield, too many people are killed or seriously injured (KSI) every year in collisions with heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) - and most, if not all, of those collisions could be prevented. 

HGVs are disproportionately represented in cyclist fatalities with 50% of cyclist deaths involving an HGV and yet such vehicles make up only 4% of traffic. Construction vehicles are most prevalent in crashes; because HGVs, especially cement mixers, tipper lorries and skip lorries, are designed with massive blind areas all around the cab. Drivers consistently say they did not see the victim.

  • This is not just a cyclists' issue; twice as many pedestrians are killed by HGVs than cyclists.
  • This is not just a London issue; there are many more victims across the UK than in London
  • This is not just an urban issue; mile-for-mile, the risk of death on rural roads is around 1.7 times that on urban roads

These collisions ruin lives - for the killed or injured, for the drivers of the HGV, for the witnesses, for the families, friends and colleagues of everyone involved.


The Solution

See Me Save Me works to eradicate collisions between heavy goods vehicles and more vulnerable road users. We want a society where everyone is able to use our streets, whatever their chosen mode of transport, without risk or fear of death or injury through a collision with an HGV.

We really need support to run this campaign nationwide. You can help by:

  • Donating
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  • Volunteering time and expertise (fundraising, PR, social media)
  • Suggesting your company supports our campaign
  • Spreading the word (follow us on twitter)

We have opportunities for corporate sponsorship and especially welcome companies promoting cycling to work, business which facilitates active travel, and companies leading and influencing industry best practice. 



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